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the farm by the bay

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Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Terrapy Farms is a family-owned fruit, vegetable and hemp farm. Home of the former "Caribbean nursery," we are located in Ruskin, Florida, in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Between Tampa Bay and Bradenton. The farm has native citrus including grapefruit, oranges, tangelos, star fruit, bananas, mangos papayas and other nutritional plants and fruit.


We are growing several popular varieties of Hemp on the farm. Varieties we are currently growing include; Sunbelt Crush, Cherry Wine, Baox, Citrus and AC/DC. 

We choose unique, top-tier, CBD strains with quality genetics, strong cannabinoid potency combined with a unique terpene profile in order to provide the most enjoyable experience to our customers. We practice sustainable cultivation and our hemp is organically grown under the Florida sun and sometimes indoors.


Our top-shelf, premium CBD flower is hand-harvested and packaged at the peak of freshness.  After harvesting, our large-bud, small batch, hemp undergoes a slow cure process and then is hand-trimmed. We use no pesticides, fungicides, chemicals, solvents, heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers or other harmful ingredients. Every step of our process happens right here in the US. 

All of our products have been tested for purity, safety, and ingredients. Certificate of Analysis for our products are available for your review. 

who we are



We work with a nonprofit veteran's charity to produce natural medicine to help veterans cure their injuries and illnesses. Volunteering at the farm helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and isolation offers a sense of community, camaraderie and purpose to these men and women who have served our country. 

We have volunteer opportunities to learn how to cultivate hemp on the farm which is located near Ruskin, Florida. 

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